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Sports Chiropractic at Active Health

At Active Health, we take a thorough approach to helping you with your concerns. By combining chiropractic, muscle work and acupuncture, we can ensure that you get the best possible results.

If you are an active person or an athlete, a weekend warrior or professional, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. We can address any injuries you have and help to improve your performance.


What to Expect

The first step is to have an assessment done by Dr. Dan. From this information, We can determine the most appropriate way to address your needs.

We may give you a chiropractic adjustment, Active Release Techniques® or acupuncture. Dr. Dan has a range of skills and techniques and will combine them for your benefit.

You’ll get started with care on your first visit as long as no X-rays or other testing are needed that we’d have to refer you out to complete. We want to get started on relieving any pain you’re in immediately.


Our Unique Form of Care

It’s rare to find the mix of services that we offer at our clinic. With Dr. Dan’s experience and training, he has taught a number of other doctors and massage therapists. He has an unparalleled understanding of how to assist people with a range of different concerns. With his examination process, he can determine which areas of your body need attention, the level of pressure they need and exactly how to go about it.

Commonly Seen Conditions

The sports-related issues that we see most often include

  • Rotator cuff/shoulder problems

  • Hip problems

  • Groin problems

  • Back and neck problems


Get to Know Dr. Dan

Dr. Dan is an active person who loves to ski, run and bike ride. He understands the toll it can take when you can’t live the way you want to. With his certification in acupuncture and advanced training in Active Release Techniques®, he has the training to assist you no matter what your concern may be.

What Our Methods Can Do for You

We may recommend that you have chiropractic care, muscle work with Active Release Techniques or acupuncture as appropriate for your case. Here, you can read more about what each approach will do for you:

  • Diversified Technique: Our most common chiropractic adjusting technique will move your joint into the correct position. In doing so, you can experience a greater range of motion.

  • Active Release Techniques: Muscle spasms and adhesions in the muscle leads to a shortening of your muscle. We will apply pressure to lengthen the muscle again.

Sports acupuncture. With acupuncture, we apply needles to different areas of the body to release muscle spasms or improve inflammation.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will you refer me to any other doctors?
    Yes! Dr. Dan will be happy to send you to another specialist or a trainer as needed.
  • Is the new patient process different for an athlete?
    No. You won’t need to do anything special. We’ll have you fill in forms when you arrive, then meet with Dr. Dan for a consultation and examination. The process takes about 30 minutes.
  • Is there any pain involved?
    When we go deeply into your muscles, there may be some discomfort involved. We aren’t doing this to hurt you but rather to get you better.
  • What types of athletes do you see?
    The most common are runners, golfers, hockey players, soccer players and baseball players. There is no limit to the type of athlete we will see. Any active person is welcome!
  • During which visit will I receive care?
    We won’t make you wait to begin. You’ll receive care right away on the first visit, pending that no other tests are required, such as X-rays. If we don’t find a need for these, then you’ll receive care right away on your first visit following your examination.
  • Do you see young athletes?
    Our focus is on care for adults. If you are a current patient with Dr. Dan, however, and you have a teenager who plays sports that has a particular complaint, he will see them. Our evaluation can determine if what we offer is right for them.

Don’t Wait to Get the Attention You Need

Our schedule can usually accommodate a same-day visit. Otherwise, we’ll get you in the next day. If you’re in pain, you don’t want to face long waiting times. We’ll work you in as quickly as we can so that you get the attention you require to start healing.

Our friendly team is here to take your call. Contact us now to schedule your first appointment for sports and athletes Calgary SE! We have on-site parking and accept private insurances.

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