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Chiropractic Care

Your spine is the home for your body’s nervous system. The nerves branch out from between the spinal segments called vertebrae. If there is irritation around the nerves, you’ll feel pain and experience other health-related problems such as a lack of movement, tension and muscle spasm.

What Chiropractic Adjustments Do for You

When you get adjusted, we work to maintain the mobility and strength in your spine. In doing so, you won’t have irritation to the body’s nerves. Pain relief, improved motion and a greater ability to do the things you love are the many benefits you may experience. The types of conditions we commonly see include

  • Elbow pain​

  • Forearm pain

  • Groin issues

  • Headaches

  • Hip issues

  • IT band issues

  • Low back pain

  • Mid-back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Repetitive strain injuries

  • Rotator cuff issues


Our Comprehensive Approach to Care

Dr. Dan provides a range of services during a single visit. His chiropractic care most commonly involves the Diversified Technique. In addition, he does deep muscle work and Active Release Techniques®. If appropriate, we’ll also recommend acupuncture and other therapeutic modalities, such as interferential current.

  • Diversified Technique. By moving your joint into the proper position, we can increase your range of motion. You may hear a release of gas from the joint.

  • Active Release Techniques. We’ll locate areas of spasm or adhesion, then apply pressure. This pressure lengthens shortened muscles.

Learn More Today

Contact our team now to schedule your first appointment! Same-day visits may be available.

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